I'm shopping for my first synth right now, so if the "what kind of gear should I get?" sort of question bothers you, perhaps you stop now. The way I see it, I could get a Yamaha Cs2x as a controller for analogue sounds (as well as those twisty knobs) and an MPC2000or something for all other sounds. I know neither has the greatest presets, but I figure between the two, it should get me started, and I can always get a module down the road. I'm running Cubase on my G3 tower, so I've got that base covered.

My questions are:
1. Will I be able to map samples across the Yamaha, and will I able to tweak envelopes and filters and stuff directly on that board, or will I have to do all that from the sampler?
2. I've heard that the Cs1x isn't doesn't even have a synth engine and that it's based on analogue samples. Is this true for the Cs2X as well?
3. Should I just screw it and get a Triton? I thought "no" at first since I didn't need the sequencer but it seems to have everything else at about the same price, maybe even less. I am a little intimated by having my whole set-up in one box and shudder to think what would happen if anything happened to it (and my life's savings). I also worry about being pigeon-holed as having a "Korg-y" sound, but I figure between the sampler and the expansion slots, I would be o.k.

I must admit that I loved the Triton when I demo'ed it. Maybe a better question would be, is there any reason why I SHOULDN'T just get it? I know it's alla matter of taste--I'm just looking for some opinions. Thanks for helping a beginner out.

P.S. I assume that the Triton's sampler is map-able, and not just a trigger sampler?