Hello everyone,

At 00:00H on the 1st January 2002, My GR-9 Roland burned out (happy
new year...) What happened is quite simple : The wall-wart plug (the
small one which is plug in the gr9) was broken and I presume a short
circuit happened. I've tried to give it to repair to some guys in
here ( Bangkok, Thailand) but they were not able to tell me anything
but " it's not ok "...That is great ! Roland's Dealer here is out of
range about that kind of problem ( "Buy a new one Sir!") So...
I need to find some technical infos about the GR9, to know if
somebody has had the same kind of problem, if it is possible to
repair or if my beloved GR9 is definitely dead ...Any information is
welcome, any link, because about this subject I am in the desert
Please help !
Thanks in advance
bLaCk LeMoN