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#74605 - 11/30/99 09:28 PM ANNOUNCE: Digital Ear. [WAVE-to-MIDI] FREE Demo!
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PRESS RELEASE: Epinoisis Software Corporation. December 1, 1999

Epinoisis Software Corporation Announces:

Digital Ear® FOR WINDOWS 98/95 Revolutionary Wave-to-MIDI conversion software.


» What is Digital Ear®?

Digital Ear can analyze a recorded solo performance (e.g. a singing human
voice, or any musical instrument) and convert it to a standard MIDI file. That
file can be send directly to any synthesizer, or can be imported to your
favorite sequencer (e.g. Cubase VST, Cakewalk etc. ) for mixing with other
tracks, or further processing. Digital ear reads standard PCM wave (.wav)

» Beyond «Pitch-to-MIDI» Conversion

Unlike conventional so-called
«Pitch-to-MIDI» converters, Digital Ear will send high-resolution pitch events
closely matching those of your original sound. Any vibrato, tremolo,
pitch-bend, or portamento effects of your recorded sound will be faithfully
converted and reproduced into any voice of your synthesizer.

» Pitch is Only the Beginning…

A unique capability of Digital Ear not found elsewhere, is that it can capture
and send to your MIDI synthesizer, detailed envelope and timbre dynamics
(brightness) events. Those features can boost your synthesizer's voice realism
and enhance your musical expression. Think of Digital Ear as your ultimate
MIDI controller!

» Digital Ear® Key Features

* State-of-the-Art recognition engine. Based on the latest
psychoacoustical research on human pitch perception. Captures
with incredible accuracy instantaneous pitch, volume, and timbre
dynamics, with minimal errors.

* Full-featured build-in Voice Features Editor. View your voice
features as evolve over the time with an advanced graphical
representation (virtual keyboard, chart, sliders). Edit the pitch,
volume and brightness of the sound at any time-slice with
unmatched accuracy and ease.

* Completely customizable to match every musical instrument or
human voice. Store an unlimited number of user-defined engine

* Ultra high time resolution (10 ms frame size minimum).

* Two types of MIDI files ensure full compatibility with all known
sequencers.(Such as Cubase VST, Cakewalk

* Power Tools:

* Auto Correct. Will clean up for you most tracking errors

* Pitch Quantize. Quantize your track to the nearest
semitone values.

* In-Tune Wizard. Will tune for you automatically a
de-tuned performance, without altering the perfomance

* Integrated MIDI-file player. Sends your file to any user
selectable any MIDI device.

* MIDI controller redirection. Select any MIDI controller to send
brightness events.

* Unlimited MIDI voice selection. Select any of the 128 GM (General
MIDI) voices.

* Full automated for GM (General MIDI) and Yamaha-XG
compatible synthesizers. Also support for MIDI synthesizers that
do not conform to these standards.

For more information visit :
Or email us at :

#74606 - 12/10/99 03:49 AM Re: ANNOUNCE: Digital Ear. [WAVE-to-MIDI] FREE Demo!
Paul Ip Offline

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Digital Ear is really not bad judging from the resulting MIDI files. How long does the demo version of Digital Ear allow for trial recording in terms of minutes per session?


#74607 - 12/10/99 08:57 PM Re: ANNOUNCE: Digital Ear. [WAVE-to-MIDI] FREE Demo!
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I guess I have to try this one, is it good Paul????
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#74608 - 12/11/99 05:53 AM Re: ANNOUNCE: Digital Ear. [WAVE-to-MIDI] FREE Demo!
Paul Ip Offline

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Loc: Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

Digital Ear is so far the best wave-to-midi software that I listened to, definitely much better than my GI-10 on aux in. Although we can perceive obvious differences between the original wave files and the resulting MIDI files, I must agree that if the MIDI files are really the result of Digital Ear's processing then this is an ideal package at least for now. When Calkwalk released their "In Concert" software, which is a drilling package for keyboardists so that the accompaniment of MIDI files automatically follows the lead of the keyboardist as far as the keyboard portion is played the same as the original recording. The keyboardist can jump around different portions of the song by playing different portions of pieces that he/she wants to go to. Since I am also a song leader at my church, I quickly realize the potential of this package together with a good wave-to-MIDI realtime converter - then my voice can be converted to MIDI signals that matches the pre-recorded melody portion and song leaders can actually "drive" the accompaniment of the MIDI files at the desired speed or repeat any particular portions of the song at ease. The result could be a completely automated, the most flexible song leading orchestration method
or most flexible karaoke machine in the world. Of course, even with Digital Ear now what I describe here is far from being realistic. But at least it is going the right direction. I think with Digital Ear and Calkwalk In Concert the instrumentalists now finally have an affordable practice system based on standard MIDI files - much cheaper than the proprietory drilling tools that they had to pay/rent for.



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