Epinoisis Software Corporation Announces:

Digital Ear® 3.0 For Windows 2000/98/95
Revolutionary Wave-to-MIDI conversion software.

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» What is Digital Ear® ?

Digital Ear can analyze a recorded monophonic performance (e.g. a singing
voice, a saxophone solo, or any other musical instrument) and convert it into a
standard MIDI file! This file can be played by any synthesizer with a different
timbre of your choice, or it can be imported to your favorite sequencer or
notation software (e.g. Cubase VST, Cakewalk etc. ) for mixing with other
tracks, automatic transcription, or any further processing. Digital Ear reads
standard PCM audio (.wav) files.

» Beyond simple «Pitch-to-MIDI» Conversion...

Unlike conventional so-called «Pitch-to-MIDI» converters, Digital Ear will send
high-resolution pitch events closely matching those of your original sound. Any
vibrato, tremolo, pitch-bend, or portamento effects of your recorded sound will
be faithfully converted and reproduced into any voice of your synthesizer.

» Let the Magic Begin!

NEW! Even if you are a novice user, our proprietary Settings WizardTM
technology will help you find quickly and easily the optimal settings for any
musical instrument. Things couldn't be easier for you!

» The Voice Realism is here

A unique feature of Digital Ear not found elsewhere, is the capturing of
detailed volume envelope and timbre dynamics events. These features can really
boost your synthesizer's voice realism and enhance your musical expression.
Your MIDI files will never sound the same again.


For more information visit : http://www.digital-ear.com/
Or email us at : info@digital-ear.com