I'd like to announce the release of a preliminary development version of my system exclusive - driven editor for the
Waldorf MicroWave Sythesizers (MicroWave I & MicroWave II).
Currently, only the MicroWave I part is fully implemented. The MicroWave II can only be asked about which software version
is installed. Anyone without fear is invited to test this application. However, the program still needs many improvements...
The setup of the program requires OMS version 2 installed. So, it only runs under MacOS Classic (Tested on a G3 with
MacOS 9.2.2 equiped with a Stealth Serial Adapter; Midi Interface Opcode Studio 64X).
I would like to hear from you about ideas and tipps for further development:

- Does it run on your machine? Is it crashing or simply not functioning at all?

- What kind of MIDI Setup are you using? Does it makes sense, to support FreeMidi, Apple MidiManager or even direct serial ports as well as OMS?
(I also have to check out, how much work it takes to switch over to a carbonized CoreMidi version...)

- What import/export features are you expecting (SysEx Dump and/or SMF?)

- Does the graphic interface suit your needs?

And finally:
- What are you willing to spend for a shareware release ;-)

Here's the download link: http://me.in-berlin.de/~fielitz/mw/mw1/mweditor/mweditor.html

Thank you,