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#74152 - 12/12/99 01:52 AM QY70 Midi Import

Since a few days I own a QY70. I downloaded Midi files from the internet which I would like to play on the Qy70. With the SW to send and receive files from and to the PC it works fine. The only problem is, that the drum track is in most cases changed to a piano on the QY70. This gives a very strange sound!

Question 1: What must I do to make sure that all the instruments defined in the midi file will be the same on the QY70?

When I change the strange piano sound to a drum set, it sounds great. But after restarting the song again, it goes back to the piano again. This drives me crazy!
(Imagine to listen Carlos Santana's Latin America sound without drums but with piano instead)

Question 2: How or where can I change the track in a way that it stays?

Sorry, but my English is probably a little bit strange for you. Sorry also for the grammar mistakes.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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#74153 - 12/28/99 02:41 AM Re: QY70 Midi Import
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The people who created the MIDI file probably did not set a MIDI Control called Program Change.

The default on all MIDI channels is piano. You must edit the MIDI Code on the channel that plays piano.

First, go to measure 1, open the MIDI code view. Scan forword for something that looks like PC 000-000-001. If memory serves me corectly, if you change it to PC 000-000-129 and save this then you should have no problems.

I could be wrong about the MIDI code for drums, but you can always check your manual.

I hope this helps.



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