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#73857 - 12/17/99 09:44 AM help me on my dtx ver2 ds11 drum kit

how can i stop one of my drum pads from giving me the same sound on the rim and on the head. do i have to restore my factory settings and how do i do that please help

#73858 - 12/29/99 08:55 AM Re: help me on my dtx ver2 ds11 drum kit
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Youīll have to try one of the Trigger menus, the one that sayīs Note 1st. If you put the cursor in the "1st" and move the dial, youīll reach the Rim of the Pad, and change the sound.

If the problem is assigning the voice to the rim you can do this by switching selecting the pad with the touch. If you cannot do this youīll have to change in the Utilities menu the Mode, Iīm not in my home now but I think that menu has something to do with advanced edit settings that you have to turn to easy.

Maybe thatīs not the problem, so youīll have to try at one of the last Trigger menus, where you can select if your Rim is activated single, or with the pad.

If nothing of this works maybe itīs because your pad Isnīt stereo at all, and you should check if in the end of the pad theres an "s" wroted. If donīt nothing of the above will work.

I hope Iīcould help you, and I know Itīll sound like a punish but read all the manual, I donīt remenber all of course but I know somethings are in there, when I get in to trouble.

See ya


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