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#73765 - 04/18/06 10:07 PM DX7fdII with E! loading disk sounds

I just bought a DX7fdII with Gray Matter E! and I'm having trouble accessing the floppy disc that came with the unit. I have the keyboard manual and have been following the instructions for loading internal memory from disk. I hit edit, then disk (16), the led screen displays "disk int". I put in the disk and push yes at "dir", the led screen reads "busy now executing" and then brings up 8 different files on the screen, but no sounds on the keyboard. The guy I bought it from says the disk was sent to him by Yamaha and has all the cartridge sounds on it, but without the keyboard in front of him, he can't remember how to access the sounds. the xeroxed copy of the gray matter E1 manual has been no help either, but that manual is just for a DX7.
I'm either totally stupid or just missing something.
I also tried pushing yes at "load" from the "disc int" point. I get a "memory protect on" message there.
Sorry, I know this is basic stuff, but I haven't touched a DX7 in any configuration since about 1985.


#73766 - 04/19/06 07:45 AM Re: DX7fdII with E! loading disk sounds
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Sorry I'm at work and it's been a while to try from memory but I believe you just need to hit yes again in order to actually load one the eight files into the DX.
Oh, and you definitely need to turn the memory protection off. I'll go thru the steps tonight and get back to you tomorrow. If you've gotten this far you know the drive works so you're almost there.
And one more thing, make sure local control is on, if that is off only midi in control will play the DX and not the keybed.

#73767 - 04/19/06 11:59 PM Re: DX7fdII with E! loading disk sounds
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I have the E! files here at!/
There is a read me with them that explains how to load them so I'll include it below. Maybe that will help, plus you can always try creating a new disk as a backup.


The files accompanying this file are the 28 original files from the Grey Matter Response, Inc. E! Demo disk included with the E! expansion chip for the Yamaha DX7IIFD synthesizer. The E! modification expands the internal memory storage capacity to 256 single voices and 128 performances including special 8-way Splits, Floating Splits, Chord and Player modes. E! also adds 8-voice multitimbrality and 16 track sequencing capabilities to the instrument.

The six E-Demo.E?? files comprise the E-Demo ERAM. The new ERAM data storage type contains data for 4 banks x 64 voices, 4 banks x 32 performances, sequencer data up to 22,000 events, Player and Chord songs, 12 tone microtunings, and all engine data. The E-Demo.C01 file contains fractional scaling data for the seven voices that use fractional scaling. The remaining x.S?? files containing the seven songs associated with sequencer performances 1-7.

To use these files with a DX7IIFD equipped with E!, copy them to a 720k DOS-formatted 3-1/2" diskette and follow these instructions:

Note: All voices, performances and sequences in internal memory will be overwritten. Save all unsaved voices, performances and sequences to a disk or cartridge before proceeding.

1. Turn internal and cartridge Memory Protect off under the Utility Tune [button #14] menu.
2. Start SE!quencer under the Utility Tune [button #14] menu.
3. Choose 4 = Util followed by 4=Global
4. Select 1=Erase SEQS and press the [YES] button when asked DESTROY ALL SEQUENCES? [yn]
5. Press [NO] to exit the sequencer, [YES] to confirm.
6. Insert the diskette containing the E! demo files into the synthesizer's diskette drive.
7. Find the Disk ERAM menu under the UTILITY DISK [button #16] menu.
8. Press [YES] to view the Disk ERAM directory.
9. Use the no/yes buttons to display File 1 E-Demo.
10. Use the cursor buttons to move to the Load option and press [YES]. At the prompt press [YES] again. The loading process takes about a minute and a half.
11. When the data is fully loaded, the display responds with "Complete".
12. Insert a RAM4 cartridge and format for fractional scaling data.
13. Find the Disk CRT menu under the UTILITY DISK [button #16] menu.
14. Press [YES] to view the Disk CRT directory.
15. Use the no/yes buttons to display File 1 E-Demo.
16. Use the cursor buttons to move to the Load option and press [YES]. At the prompt press [YES] again.

You can now enter Single mode and listen to the 256 voices from the E! demo disk.

After pressing the [PERFORMANCE] button, you can select one of the 32 demo performances in bank 1. The first seven performances are sequence performances. If you choose one of these, the corresponding sequence will be loaded from the diskette. When the song is fully loaded, press the [1-32 33-64] engine button to start/stop playback.

The remaining performance memories in bank 1 contain examples of the other new performance modes.


#73768 - 05/11/06 06:52 PM Re: DX7fdII with E! loading disk sounds
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1. Insert Disc
2. Click "Edit" and #14
3. Cursor Right to "Memory Protect" - Click OFF
4. Click "Edit" and #16
5. Cursor Right to "Load" - Click YES, wait for response then click YES again. Wait for response.
6. Click "Internal"
7. Push a numbered key and go to town.

Have fun!


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