Hi all,

I just recently purchased a Yamaha QY70 and find it a remarkable little music making midi device for both composing and playing (as an arranger keyboard) on the road. I am interested in obtaining more accompaniment style patterns, particularly jazz, brush swing & ballad and R&B styles. Are there QY70 accompaniment style patterns out there for sale or trade?

I am also interested in finding out how I might be able to convert ‘standard midi file’ songs (which were imported into the QY70 via the ‘QY data filer’ software program) into QY70 ‘user’ accompaniment patterns. I read somewhere that this is possible but I couldn’t find it explained anywhere in the QY70 User’s Manual.

Must I first convert each individual SMFsong track into a QY70 ‘user phrase’
(track by track) and then combine these individual ‘user phrases’ back again to create custom ‘user’ accompaniment patterns? Is there any easier way to accomplish this?

Is there a way to ‘directly’ convert standard midi files into ‘user’ accompaniment patterns without having to create ‘user phrases’ first?

Can someone possibly provide me with 'step by step' instructions on how to convert QY70 songs into QY70 'user' accompaniment style patterns?

Thanks in advance for all help and feedback.

- Scott

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