I am on the verge of purchasing a Yamaha P-80. I have only played acoustic pianos in the past. I like the feel and simplicity of the P-80, and because I will probably be moving it around some I also like the weight.

I don't know what type of amp/speaker to get for the p-80. I will be using it mainly in my apartment living room, in other people's homes, and other relatively small rooms. I want it to be relatively portable & light weight, $500 or less, and obviously give me great piano sound for the room size I will be in.

I looked at a couple of amps like the the Peavey KBA-30, Roland KC-100, and I thought the sound with those amps was okay at best.

I was wondering if a powered monitor/speaker like those used in studio monitoring (i.e. Yamaha MSP5) would be useful for such an application instead of a keyboard amp. I have never been in a studio and I have no idea if they would work well. I assume they are designed more for very near work (1 meter), but I thought they might produce a higher quality sound and still be able to fill an average-sized living room well.

I am very inexperienced in this area. I would appreciate any input concerning types of amps/monitors/speakers that would work well, and if you know of any specific models that fit my basic criteria that would be great.