Hi all,

Im using xgedit sync with cubase v3.7 and it all seems to be on the right way but when i have to make use of the voices of the second synth of the soundcard the sound is always the piano. I mean, in cubase, i set the midi output of the channel to sw synth2 and when i go to xgedit and choose a sound it ignores me. Somehow i managed to use both channel 10 of the first and second synth (so i have two drumkits in a song) but only if the second drum track is set to midi track (if i make it to be a drum track it always sounds the one of the first synth)...is this normal??

Im working under w98 and i noticed too that, since i upgraded my cubase from 3.65 to 3.7 sometimes the editor doesnt communicate properly with cubase (all sound as pianos). I think it has to see with the internal midi ports that the sequencer creates when using VST instruments, cause it only happens when there is a track whose midi output was set to this kind of virtual instruments.

Id like to contact with some spanish sw1000 owner so si lees esto y eres de aqui no dudes en escribirme un email a zopi@hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance, im waiting for the answer.