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#73074 - 10/13/00 10:32 AM Help got a used keyboard and no knowledge
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I am a new Keyboard want to be. I have a Yamaha PSR400 and an Owners Guide. Th eguide tells me what each function is but not how to use them.I don't understand much of its fuctions. I would love it if some one could help explain some of its buttons and use's to me. I figured out the first 8 keys? they will play a style with
left hand while the remaining keys play an instrument sound called voice

I could do a song with the Piano set on style and using a rock ballad.
So I decided to try another song and using a Dixie and a different
style and it would not stay set.

I understand how to select voice.
But don't know how to keep it set when adding the rhythm style a jazz or
I don't understand ADD REVERB

There are 8 small triangle size buttons in pairs of 4 the top set have
+ in them the buttom has - between each set there are words Accomp
volume, Transpose,Tuning and Tempo. Below each set there are numbers
0-24,12-12,427.5~452.9Hc and a note = 40=240.

Can any one make sense of that for me please.
Thank you


#73075 - 10/13/00 05:17 PM Re: Help got a used keyboard and no knowledge
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try reposting your question at the "arranger forum" because many might be able to help you there. I do not have PSR400, otherwise, I would have helped you step by step.

#73076 - 10/21/00 08:31 AM Re: Help got a used keyboard and no knowledge
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Jeanie - I HOPE SOMEONE FROM YAMAHA READS YOUR VERY REASONABLE MESSAGE !!! READ THIS PLEASE YAMAHA !!! You state the problem very well. The typical "manual" in the synth business (especially YAMAHA) just dryly explains "what the functions are but NOT how to use them", exactly as you state. It is truly mind boggling. I had an S80 ($2,500) and got SICK of it for that very reason. Seeking help from Yamaha - long waits for partial answers by email - was useless. I don't care HOW amazing a synth is according to all the techno geeks lurking around these synth forum web sites. I AM A MUSICIAN. If I buy one of these contraptions I need to know HOW TO USE it. (What a concept!) It's like these companies pride themselves on talking to you at this high-tech level that is just for the geeks who are already and mainly just involved with the technology itself. Pathetic. Or else you hafta buy the really low-end plastic crap at K MART for 99 bucks with color coded buttons and a Mr. Rodgers manual written for third graders. THIS %$%#@*@%ING SYNTH INDUSTRY NEEDS USER FRIENDLY MANUALS for MUSICIANS who are trying to use the higher end gear!!! DO YOU EVER READ THESE WEB SITES YAMAHA ????? Good luck, Jeanie. Sorry I can't help-LifeForceExplorer

#73077 - 10/23/00 07:34 PM Re: Help got a used keyboard and no knowledge
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LifeForceExplorer, I second you. Mackie has been rather prominent for several years now, and still the bulk of electronics manufacturers insist on subjecting us to the Chinese water torture of confusing product literature. YAMAHA...get hip. Read a Mackie manual!!!

"Do your duty to Futurism, despatch a lawyer." - Mortimer's Nerd
"Do your duty to Futurism, despatch a lawyer." - Mortimer's Nerd


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