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#72833 - 04/15/00 03:24 PM YamahaA5000/4000 vs. E-MU 6400 Ultra
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I am new to the world of samplers and will be purchasing my first sampler soon. I am familiar with the specs, options, and upgrades of each, I'm just confused on what way to go.

I know the Yamaha has an impressive array of effects, and the ability to read many file types. (Does this all work well?) However, It does not have auto looping. Is it difficult to get an accurate clean, precise in-time loop without auto looping? I know the e-mu does auto loop as well as beat munging the the yamaha does some cool stuff with beats as well.

I do a lot of scoring and want a nice pallette of sounds, but I also want a tight, precise machine that works well for me when I occassionally play with the drum loops.

I would appreciate anyone who has information and expereince with these machines giving me their opinions.

Thanks MV

#72834 - 04/20/00 03:46 AM Re: YamahaA5000/4000 vs. E-MU 6400 Ultra
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I find it highly unbelievable that the A5000 doesn't offer any kind of auto looping! Are you sure about this???? Every other sampler seems to offer this now!!!!! Even the inferior Korg Triton sampler (I own this!).

With regards comparisons- these are 2 very different sampling machines!

They are 2 very powerful machines in their own right- both offer powerful filtering systems but the Yamaha definetly wins out in terms of effects quality and quantity.

Both can be expanded up to 128MB or RAM and 128 notes of polyphony which is nice!

To me, the Yamaha looks a bit simpler to operate than the Emu but give both a try for yourself as they are both very deep machines.

The Yamaha offers direct CD burning from the sampler- The Emu doesn't have this feature (not yet anyway!).

However, I think that the Emu's DSP functions are more comprehensive than Yamaha's.

One major omission from the older A3000 sampler was cut and paste editing of waveforms. Hopefully this has been added in the newer Yamaha samplers and the Emu has this.

The Emu can be expanded with extra waveform ROM (up to 32MB) but seriously, you are probably better off spending that money on a seperate module IMHO. Both units allow their output counts to be expanded and the Emu also offers an 8 in 16 out ADAT I/O option which the Yamaha doesn't offer. This might be important to you if you use equipment with ADAT digital connectors.

Word has it that Emu are planning on bringing out a 32 channel multi effects board for their samplers! If this is the case then Yamaha will definetly have something to compete with when it comes to integrating effects into samplers!

In the end, with both units it's a win some, lose some situation.

Check both out thoroughly and you'll soon know which one is the best unit for you.

As for me personally, I'd get the A5000 as the CD writing capabilities and 6 unit effects really appeal to me- plus I also like the real time controller knobs.

However, both machines are bloody powerful!!!! And whichever way you go, you won't make the wrong choice provided your music is inspired by how you use the machine.

#72835 - 05/13/00 08:03 AM Re: YamahaA5000/4000 vs. E-MU 6400 Ultra
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Honestly, here is where I would break it down...

A5000: Wins hands down in effects, very easy to use, not many options to add, memory is cheaper using more readily available 32Mb 72 pin SIMMS...126 note polyphany, 32Midi Channels, Fairly good filter sets, great overall quality....

E6400: Incredible Filters, very impressive architecture, more flexible preset structure, beat munging, more control in sample editing, ability to use large cheap internal hard drives (I have a 13.6 Gb in mine), to get effects as good (they say better) than the Yamaha will cost you $500-$700, wont be available for a few (should be soon... To get 128 Polyphany costs around $500, and to get Digital I/O, extra 16 midi channels, and an ASCII keyboard interface for remote control costs $300 (all one upgrade)

All things considered, you get more bang for the buck with the A5000, but if you shell out the money, you would eventualy have a better sampler with the E-mu IMHO Both are very good pieces of equipment

#72836 - 06/01/00 12:27 PM Re: YamahaA5000/4000 vs. E-MU 6400 Ultra
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I think you are starting to compare apples and oranges.
There are features on each of these machines that put them in different realms IMHO.

The emu is a sample-workstation. It has a sequencer, arpeggiator, quantizing, and has very good timing in both MIDI and SCSI.

The yamaha is a sampler, and if you are controlling it from a sequencer or a workstation...that's dandy. But if not, you might get trapped when it comes time to start laying down tracks.

The other consideration: which one sounds better to you for the style of music you are interested in making.

Oh, and since someone the emu doesn't support as many file types.

Yamaha: Yamaha A3000,SU-700, EX5 and TX16W, AKAI S1000 and S3000, E-mu, Roland, AIFF and Wave compatible

emu: emu, Roland S-700, Akai S-3K/1K/1100, AIFF and Wave.

Of course, the yamaha is a bit cheaper too.

Can't stress it enough...go listen for yourself.


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