Hello to all people of the group, i am a proud owner of a PSR-2000, Would anyone know where i could find a midi file of:This is my life from shirley bassey ?
since i am not a good player of the keyboard at all and
My whife want to sing this song .I lookt at the music robot but could'tt find the song .Pleasse can anybody
Help me ?? I love the 2000 it is a wonderfull keyboard.
I'm living in the Netherlands (Dutch) and my name is Roland.I heard a lot of the songs made by the group,s people made ,it is amazing how they play the keyboard its great!!!
And i have a question is it possible to save the channels when it is set to off ?iff i save the song and load it back a gain the channels are on again .
I can set the sound of by the vollum my version is 1.20 I hope sombody can help me with this won.Thanks a Lot for if anyone could help me with my questions.Greettings Roland.