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#72003 - 03/16/99 12:47 PM Pitch Bend with Quantize feature (PSR-630)

Was just wondering if anyone else understood the following problem: when using the PSR-630 built-in sequencer, I record a track with pitch bend range set to 5. I should be able to bend from a G to a C. It sounds fine when I record. Then, I quantize the track with smallest note set to an 8th note. Upon playback, the bend goes from a G to an A (2 steps). What's the deal? And if it's because I'm quanitizing, does this mean I will have to use a separate track for pitch bending if I plan on quantizing? Any information would be really helpful. Thanks a lot!

#72004 - 03/17/99 07:34 AM Re: Pitch Bend with Quantize feature (PSR-630)
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I think your problem results from quantizing after you have applied pitch bend. Pitch bend adds many note messages to the track in very short lengths to simulate the pitch sliding up or down. If you then quantize that track, all these very short micro step notes get shifted to the closest 8th, 16th, etc., note. You may also notice that the beat that these notes were moved to by quantizing may have a weird thump or added noise resulting from all the short notes in your pitch bend being played at once.

2 recommendation:

1. Don't use quantize on tracks with pitch bend.

2. Record the track without using the pitch bender, then quantize, then (if your squencer allows it) add the pitch bend to the desired notes in that track during a second record overdub pass.

Hope this helps.


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