Okay - I got real annoyed that that girl had a studioware panel for the DJX and was selling it. In my opinion, you make a studioware panel you should give it away for free.

SO - sooner than the next 7 days I will be finished with the Cakewalk Studioware Panel for the DJX.

It currently does 90% of what the version you have to buy does, and within a week it will do 100% of what the pay version does. Plus, I think it looks nicer.

This answers most of the questions people have here - assuming they use cakewalk. You can control everything on the keyboard from the studioware panel.

And yes, it's free.

To check it out, visit the A-REALITY DJX HEADDQUARTERS aT:


No this is not an advertisement the studioware panel is free. I am just doing this because I am annoyed that that girl didn't give her panel away for free. So after spending 10+ hours of my time I just want other people to get good use out of the work...

(The reason I post now is so that anyone that was about to buy the pay version can wait if they want to, a few days, for me to finish the free anti-pay version which does everything the pay version does.)