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#71912 - 12/08/99 05:06 PM a3000 Disappearing Drives

I've just installed Windows NT on my computer. When I looked at the Disk Manager, the A3000s SCSI drive came up as "unknown". Today, when I tried to load some sounds from the drive, the a3000 cannot find it (it only shows floppy disks) and NT shows the drive as free space.
It seems that something has made the drive think it is blank. Can anyone think of any way in which I could get my data off it? Is a3kDisky likely to be of any help?


(Sorry to repost - forgot to mention in the title that it was an a3000)

#71913 - 12/10/99 06:31 PM Re: a3000 Disappearing Drives
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Did you use some sort of shared SCSI device/switch between your computer and your A3000 sampler? If you do, before you booted up your Windows NT computer, do you switch the switch position to the position that represents connection to the computer? If you forget to do that, your computer is practically not connected to the SCSI disk and thus did not see it at first. When your A3000 could not find the SCSI disk, did you have the SCSI switch positioned for A3000? If not, then your A3000 will not see it. In this case you just turn off A3000 and put the SCSI switch back to position that represents connection to A3000 and you are set. However, now that your NT computer sees the SCSI disk (means your SCSI switch is at the PC position) and it sees it to be free space may mean that you may have initialized the SCSI disk unintentionally and erased the disk. Things may not be that bad just in case your A3000 was turned on with your SCSI switch not at its position and of course it will not recognize the SCSI disk. Try switching it back to A3000 and turn A3000 off and on and see if it can see the disk again. If it still does not see its data, your disk has been reinitialized by Windows NT. If so, you still may save it by running some unformat utilities and see if it can be recovered. Formatting does not necessarily means erasing and in most cases can be reverted if you have not started writing to the disk.

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