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#71757 - 09/19/99 09:28 PM Clavinovas: are they really good?
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Hello! I need to buy a digital piano and iīve been serching. Yamaha and Roland have both good products. Still, iīve seen CVP-107īs technical specifications and it didīnt seemed a awsome machine as is it called. Neither CVP-109. And theyīre both very expensive comparing with Rolandīs machines. If anybody can help me. Maybe someone has been in the same situation or someone who knows both Yamaha and Rolan can help me. Thanks in advanced.

#71758 - 04/18/00 11:29 AM Re: Clavinovas: are they really good?
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I always liked and prefered Clavinovas, and hated Roland's pianos. But now, with the "new" Clavinovas, I'm not sure anymore. If you could find a CVP-96 or 98, will would have a good digital piano, and really easy to use. New clavinovas have a lot of good things, but they don't give you the options you need, they are highly incompatible (even between their previous models), and very difficult to use. If you're a person that needs to change instruments, effects, DUAL mode, 1st voice volume, 2nd voice effect, etc., during a song, you will be surprised with the mess that you have to do to change what you need. My God! Old Clavinovas - OK. New Clavinovas - Run away!


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