[yamaha-psr-songs] HOW TO USE THIS SITE!
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:37:01 -0700

Greetings Friends!

I have created two sites for PSR users. This one is "A place for
owners of Yamaha PSR Arranger Synthesizers to post their songs (live or
sequenced .mid files), and to hear what others have created with these
marvelous instruments." There are a number of existing sites (I will
add these LINKS to this site at a later time) where many of us have
been discussing technical issues (usually electronics and wiring and
computer programming matters). But these are musical instruments!
Where is the web site with the MUSIC?

We now have it! I'd sure like to hear some of the music being made on
these instruments by all of you. We also have a place to ask questions
about music technique (you can't do that on the other sites where you
haven't heard anyone playing their synth!). Some of us sequence,
others (like me) record "live". Doesn't really matter if the music is
good, does it?

My friend Don Mason has started us off with a "live" rendition of
"Honky Tonk" (Don't feel too bad guys, he's a professional!). I've
uploaded a few songs I had lying around on my hard disk (Klezmer, Jazz,
etc.). I look forward to hearing what all of you have been doing with
all those styles we've been trading.

On the subject of styles, there will shortly be a sister site for
styles upload/downloads. I thought it a good idea to separate
songs/styles into 2 separate web addresses so things wouldn't get too
confusing and because we only have 20 mb for storage (those .zip files
will help our site from getting filled up too quickly) on each site.

The advertising on the site and in our e-mails saves me $5 a month
(OK, I'm cheap) . I guess we can live with that....

I have already used egroups for another of my "interests" (Birdy
Folding Bike). It has worked very well.

Finally, here are some site commands worth recording:

eGroup email addresses:
Post Message
List owner

If you wish to tell a friend about this site that would be nice

All they have to do to subscribe is send an e-mail to :

The message does not have to contain any title or text.

I think we will have a lot of fun with this! I look forward to
hearing from all of you and hearing your MUSIC!

Warmest Regards,

PS: I'm near San Francisco if you were curious


1. To access files go to VAULT area (there is a list of places to
visit on this site above the "advertising".

2. To Put files in the VAULT (Upload), please click on the folder for
the current month (i.e., "Oct-99).

3. Do "Create a New Folder" (under the advertising, to the right).
Please name the folder with at least your first name and last name
initial. It is useful to know who is playing! Click on "Create Folder"

4. Now you can do "Upload File" (again, under advertising, to the
right). This will put your file(s) into your personal folder within
the month/year folder. To upload, if you hit the "browse" button you
can find your file(s) wherever located on your computer and then simply
hit the "upload file button". Done. That wasn't too hard We
end up with a montly folder, with our individual "personal" folders
within each monthly folder).

5. To play a file (if your Net Browser has a MIDI player you just hit
the song note icon next to the song title -- Yamaha's MIDPLUG works
really well! Sounds just like the PSR itself!) You can't "play" a song
right on your computer, of course, if it is a zip file rather than an
individual song file. You can also download and save the file to your
computer. Unzip the file if it is "zipped". Place a floppy in your
computer which you have previously "Formatted" in the PSR (this puts
two small files on the floppy) and transfer the unzipped files from the
computer to the floppy. Put the floppy in PSR and hit "SONG" and hit
PLAY Button to play. That's it!

6. Zipped song files are the way to go! We only have 20 mb. here for
storage. I will have to erase files when the storage area is near
being filled. I want the files in month folders so that older files
can be eliminated first. Also, this will allow you easy access to the
newest uploads that you want to see that you have not already seen
(just go to the current month folder).

7. MESSAGES are stored in the MESSAGES area of this site. When you
send a message to "" all members of the
group will get the message. You can attach files to messages
(pictures, .mid songs, .sty Style files, etc) so long as you originate
your message on the mail portion of your browser. Don't use the
MESSAGES area of Yamaha-psr-songs if you want to make an attachment
sent to the group.