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#71423 - 02/19/00 11:02 AM Yamaha Floppy Format

I recently acquired a Yamaha PSR620.
I have downloaded MIDI files from the Internet and copied them to floppy.
When I try to play the floppy in the keyboard it doesn't recognize the
Is there a utility for win95 that will convert the floppy format / MIDI
type so it can be read by the keyboard??

Appreciate ANY help.


#71424 - 02/21/00 04:12 PM Re: Yamaha Floppy Format
nadoboys Offline

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Your PSR 620 sshould be able to read a file from disk in .Mid format without any conversion. I download files to disk for my 730 all the time. Make sure you are actually saving them as .Mid files, and not HTML files. on some sights, you have to open the file then save it. Just right clicking on the file name often saves the target as a HTML file, that cannot be read by your keyboard. You can also format a blank disc in your keyboard, and then insert it in your computer... formating the disc on the keyboard adds 2 files that your keyboard uses when it plays back files. I have not found it to be essential though. Hope this helps,
Dave Waldman

#71425 - 03/08/00 04:43 AM Re: Yamaha Floppy Format
pbossink Offline

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If your PSR-620 doesn't recognize the floppy format, try to format the disk with other options, like 9 sectors per track or single sided.
If your PSR-620 doesn't recognize MIDI-files try to convert them to format 0. I have a program that can do that. Contact me via e-mail.


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