Hi to all,
i'm sorry this is not a full yamaha topic but i need to know about the rm1x and how well it will work with a korg z1 or triton?
i am in the process of buying some kit and urgently need some advice.
i have been playing piano and keyboards since the age of ten and am now thirty, but unfortunatly i am not the most technical when it comes to sequencing (i get a bit glassy eyed at some of these sys-ex computer programmy type sequencers)
i have a wide and varied set of influences and do not want to be tied to just dance music.
i have heard the Korg Titon and i really like the sounds, the fact that i will be able to sample (now the version 2.0 operating sytem is available) and the sequencer, arp, vocoder and realtime control (though not as much as a z1) that the machine contains.
however i have heard that there is no requantization/groove quantization/swing facility onboard.
is this true?
i am now thinking about a Yamaha Rm1x with maybe a seperate sampler and a Korg z1 (probably)or Roland xp60/80 (very much a maybe)
Basically i need a good sounding versatile setup and i want to stick to a hardware solution.
I could (if i get the triton) requantize midi files on a friends rm1x or pc, could i not????
Also i have read that the filters on the Triton are crap what does this really mean???
i hear that the hpf is not a resonant hpf what does this mean.
can i not use the hpf and then add resonance if i want.
on the matter of no internal resampling
so what i can just reroute the adiuo out from my amp/minidisc back into the triton and resample,or does it not work like that.
surely there are work arounds for any shortcomings of any kit i have seen on machine thatdoes everything.
i dont want to have kit that i will outgrow fairly quickly and have to keep upgrading so but also do not want to spend more than 2500.
any feedback will be most gratefully recieved.
cheers all