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#71275 - 08/29/99 03:46 PM how to read PSR 630 .mid files on a PC

I would like to know how I can transfer
my music done on a PSR630 to a Audio CD.
I have a PC, a CDwriter. but no special
software to read the .mid files of the
disk with all the instruments I programmed.
When I read with a midi reader I have a
bad restitution of the original music.
Thanks to give me the best hints how I
can do it.


#71276 - 08/30/99 09:19 AM Re: how to read PSR 630 .mid files on a PC
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Hi There!

You need to record a *.wav file from the keyboard to your PC. This can then be saved to your CD. To do this:

1. You need a special audio cable. It needs to have small headphone jack on one end and two large jacks on the other. You can use a converter cable to make up this combination.

2. Connect the Left and Right out of the PSR to LINE in on your sound card.

3. Set the input volume on your sound card by double clicking on the speaker icon. Make sure the Line in is not muted and has a good level. Now go to Options then properties. Then select Recording, then O.K.

4. You can now set the recording level into your wave recorder. It is important to get the levels right in digital recording as too much level will distort and not enough is very hard to hear and will hisssssssss.

5. Load the wave recorder that came with your sound card. For example, Creative AWE64 comes with WAVE EDIT. If you dont have one, a good shareware one to get is GOLD WAVE. Very easy to use with lots DSP effects.

6. Before you start recording, you must know something about Hard disk recording. Firstly it takes up a lot of space. It is best to always record to audio only drive (not C drive) - however you can record to C if you wish. A quick guide to file sizes. Everything must be recorded at 44.1 kHz/stereo. This means that every minute of audio recording takes up around 10 meg of hard drive space!

7. Once you have set your audio program to record at 44.1 kHz/stereo PCM - Press record on the computer, then play on the PSR.

8. Once the song has ended, press stop on the computer.

9. You can now remove any unwanted noise (or gap) from the start and end of your recording.

10. Save your audio file.

11. Drag this into your CD software and burn.


I hope that this is of some help to you.

Have fun!
Bradley Eustace


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