If anybody knows this problem please let me know....
My QY700 is not working proper. I wrote this letter to the support:
I'm very satisfied with the hardware and the graphics.But I've got
some problems also:
In song mode after the last bar(looppoint2) it jumps to the first bar
again(looppoint1), but it hangs there for some time. I turned off chasing,I turned off the effects.... Nothing helps.(If these functions like effects,templates,chasing...are provided, I think they're made for using them.I can't use this superb sequencer when it doesn't stay in time. I rang several times Yamaha in Germany but they couldn't solve the problem. I don't think that it is the Yamaha marketing-philosophie to bring out a product on the market which is not possible to use at atleast 80 %. The Qy700 gets already this timing problem,between last and first bar of the loop,when I run it at arround 50%. When I switch from one pattern to the other I have to
stop even in between, otherwise it makes an incredible noise. I play liveset for some years already arround the globe (sonic research, pilottanzt)and I love the hardware and graphics so much,but why does such a good concept end like this. Does Yamaha think of an update?
Like that the machineis unusable at all.
Please help me I'm desperated about that problem.
The answer from the phone support: I'm very sorry. We know the problem
but we can do nothing anymore. This machine was not built for 100%
usage! (very honest...)
comments or help desired