I have a KN5000 that has been lightly used in a church for the last two years. It is in good condition with normal wear marks around frequently used buttons. A few keys have some minor cosmetic damage. There is a small dent in the lower case left side which has no functional impact on the keyboard. The most significant issue is that after the keyboard has been left overnight, it has to be re-initialized. After re-initialization the KN5000 functions perfectly and I can play "forever" without further problems. The manifestation of the problem is that the RH keyboard split shifts up one half tone with respect to the LH split.
The display and floppy drive are in perfect working order.
Because of this issue I am hesitant to sell the keyboard to a novice who might not be able to manage re-initialization. I would like to find a good home for this otherwise excellent instrument. It comes with the power cord, music rack, Users Manual on CD, and Version 10 (the latest I believe) OS update on floppy.
Price is negotiable - please address questions to gadm@comcast.net.