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#6591 - 02/11/02 12:57 PM System Exclusive makes Cubase freeze
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Im dumping system exclusive from my XV5080 synth into the computer. I use SBlive!
5.1, with Cubase VST 3.7. I start recording, and at the moment I press "Trans" on the Data Transfer, Cubase clips for a second, then the program freezes. Just like there is TOO much info that Cubase cannot handle the amount the XV is transmitting.
Has anyone has the same problem?
What could be the reason? Is there another way to dump sys exl into the computer?

The reason I want to dump is that I want to upgrade the new OS on the XV and
they recommended to restore to factory settings, and I have a couple of
important settings I need to save.

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#6592 - 02/13/02 08:44 AM Re: System Exclusive makes Cubase freeze
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It sounds to me like your doing some very heavy duty music tasks on a note so heavyweight computer set-up.

The reasons for it happening? Who knows? I recently had a similar problem where Cubase kept crashing whenever I opened a song which contained virtual synths. What would happen is that it would play the first split second of the song, then the audio would drop out and the thing would crash.

I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but I can offer some solutions. The way I see it, you've got two choices- you can either upgrade to a mega computer with loads of RAM and a 1000+MHz Processor OR you can change your Windows Operating system to Windows XP. Strangely enough, the second option is not only cheaper but it also promisses the best results.

#6593 - 02/13/02 03:37 PM Re: System Exclusive makes Cubase freeze
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I've read that XP and some versions of Cubase don't mix.


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