Hello all SynthZone friends and Jaybirds enthusiasts!

In case you missed our Jaybird Colin's important message to Cees (see below, as an addendum to Cees' post) concerning his site difficulty, here it is reprinted for you all:

"Sorry to hear you're having site problems. The 'Jaybirds' material you have on Keso, must surely use up quite a bit of capacity. Might I suggest you seriously consider deleting 15 or so of the older 'back numbers'. And hopefully, this suggestion will help you in arriving at any firm decisions.

All the Jaybirds are most grateful to you, for your generosity in allowing us to present our wares to a wider audience. But it is doubtful whether any of our earlier sequences are now any longer referred to. So by all means, consider the 'big chop'.

And if this helps, all well and good. - You have the best wishes of all 4 of us, and I'm sure, the best wishes of everybody on Synthzone.


As The Yankee Jaybird, I'm sure I reflect the feelings of Colin, Joyce and Joy, (my other Jaybirds colleagues), in hoping that many of you will comment and perhaps make appropriate suggestions both to Cees and to us about how to keep the magnificent KESO site open and alive.

As you all know by now (I hope), the Jaybirds celebrated their first year anniversary on the KESO site and the response and reaction has been more positive than we could ever have expected or hoped for. But we realize that there are many other musical venues that can profit from inclusion in Cees' remarkable pages and we would most willingly relinquish any amount of space to him to open a wider area of free room for additional material, not just future Jaybirds' contributions, but the many other gems that you all sometimes send to KESO.

Please friends, let's not let this great site disappear because of lack of space or an overabundance of one group over another. We are ALL Jaybirds in one sense or another, congregated in the KESO "nest." How sad it would be to see that end!

The Yankee Jaybird