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#64129 - 04/27/02 02:54 PM Re: XP
Bill Norrie Offline
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OOOOOOO! Looks like I started something here I agree with Alec - GoBack is a great Life Saver - I installed it some time ago and it has saved my bacon a few times, after installing some 'Not very good software' which caused malfunctioning and crashing. I would strongly recommend it.

I still use 98SE and find it a very stable platform, despite occasional problems with the odd bit of 'dodgy' software - problems which are not really the fault of 98.


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#64130 - 04/28/02 07:19 AM Re: XP
Douglas Dean Offline

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Have run my buisness on Mac's since 1988. Very few problems. Don't know what you guys are talking about. Anyway slide your fingers over to the KN and it will sooth your temper and calm your mind.

Grandapa Doug
Grampa Doug

#64131 - 04/28/02 08:42 AM Re: XP
technicsplayer Offline
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absolutely, the mac operating system is how windows should have been in the first place.

Unfortunately its very stability might be due to the relatively less software base than windows. If macs had as many third party software loaded into them as windows they might start to fall over more too...?

but in terms of operational logic and 'not having to look up any help files' ergonomics macs are a revelation compared to windows, and miles ahead, and should have taken over the world if there was any justice.

now where is my betamax tape....?

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