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#62881 - 10/31/03 05:16 AM 5 steps to create your own rhythm (a exercise) ..
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Hi best forummers,
Recently there were very interesting posts, with the topic of making your own styles.
In those posts there were helpfull and learning contributions of many appreciated members. I whish to continue and integrate the theory with practical use, which results in making the accompagniment for a fine song.

Many can use most of the tips and advises in those post and made an own rhythm.
Hope my contribution helps you to understand 'how to ..'?
For those who are interested....

May I call it: the Wipe-out exercise?
- making a composerrhythm (in this case close fit to a song: Wipe out)
- a midifile from internet
- a kn7000
- a pencil and paper
- patience and persistence
- the original song (Wipe Out from The Surfaris)

I described 5 Global steps to create a composerrhythm from a midifile.
1. Global analysing the song
2. Detailed analyse of the song
3. Editing composerparts
4. Editing sounds/drums
5. Fine tuning

I made a 'help-tutor'. For interested, please visit under the button 'Tips&Tricks' (and see composer: E2)
You will find here:
1. A detailed tutor how I made 'Wipe Out'
2. the midi-file I used
3. The KN7000 versions of Wipe Out (The Composerrhythm)
4. The Wipe Out KN7000-song recorded with Easy Record

Nr. 2,3 and 4 are in one zip-file and downloadable from the KESO site

I realise that it can be done in a quicker way by using a midi-program, like Cakewalk or whatever. I guess most people doesn't have it. So I stick with the KN7000 and in this way no other tools are needed.

Hope you enjoy and I hope that anyone would present in short time her/his selfmade rhythm and song and his/her experience??
Any comments are appreciated.

Best regards and happy makeyourownrhythming,

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Cees wink
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#62882 - 10/31/03 09:43 AM Re: 5 steps to create your own rhythm (a exercise) ..
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Hi Cees,
A great demonstration of converting Midi to Style.
I have tried to do that in the past, but not with good results.
What I ran into is:

    [*]Problem finding a suitable Midi file that is worthy of converting.

    [*]Difficulty in analysing what should be used. Your demo song was a good example because it had a simple repeating rhythym and few chord changes. When one tries to analyse, as an example, a Big Band arrangement, the task is more difficult. This is where I really ran into difficulties.

Your explanation on the web site is very good and easy to follow. I think that I might do better the next time that I try.

#62883 - 10/31/03 04:46 PM Re: 5 steps to create your own rhythm (a exercise) ..
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Thanks Cees

You have provided the needed motivation !

Larry Hawk

" Always Do Whatever's Next "


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