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#61861 - 07/06/03 01:22 PM 3 NEW features you like most in your KN7000


I have a KN6000, and I use it mainly for from-scratch-sequencing. Should I get a KN7000?

Please tell me, what 3 NEW features of your KN7000 you like most, and any other open suggestions to make my decision one that I won't regret.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading your thoughts

#61862 - 07/06/03 03:07 PM Re: 3 NEW features you like most in your KN7000
Bill Norrie Offline
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In Short -
1. The SD Card instead of hard disc.
2. The new Organ sounds and features.
3. The Direct PC Link via USB.


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( especially when the music is played on a KN7000....)

#61863 - 07/06/03 03:20 PM Re: 3 NEW features you like most in your KN7000
Ad Rouw Offline

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Hi dimsum,

I second the choices of Bill in another sequence:
1. The (overall) sound; many very good sounds and 4 extra soundboards applicable.
2. The SD-Card facility which loads quick and presents the possibilty of using audio.
3. The USB port to link directly to your favourite audio recording program on PC.

For sequencing, the KN7000 offers the same good sequencer you have in the KN6000. So why wouldn't you try it with better sounds?

#61864 - 07/07/03 12:08 AM Re: 3 NEW features you like most in your KN7000
manorcourt1991 Offline

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Yes the 3 new features I value most are very similar:
1. The SD card (1 x 128M card effectively replaces 100 floppies).
2. The new organ sounds (and general sound quality).
3. 128 note polyphony. (I occasionally ran out of notes with 64).
There are lots of other differences but for me these are the really significant improvements on the 6000/6500.

Len C.

#61865 - 07/07/03 01:43 PM Re: 3 NEW features you like most in your KN7000
rikkisbears Offline
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the sd card for storage. So quick to use for loading & saving.

SD card & panasonic sd writing kit ( optional extra) , because it gives me the option of incorporating audio files into a sequence.

The sounds are great.

best wishes
best wishes
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