this is my first time looking for a keyboard.
since i come from a classical piano background, the first requirement is 88
weighted keys with good response and very
good piano sounds. but i also want to have more fun so some drum kits, strings (orchestral and electric), etc would be cool, whether it's built in or an external module that can hook up to the keyboard. i'd rather not have speakers that are built in, and portability is important.

i tried out a SX-P30 keyboard the other day which i thought had great pianos and hooked up a 16 track SM-AC1200 midi workstation. one thing that struck me was the lack of an arpeggiator. the AC1200 is going for $700 US dollars so i wonder if it's better just to get a computer instead. once again, though, i do like the portability (AC1200 was maybe 6-8 lbs.)

so if anybody has any thoughts/comments/tips i'd appreciate it.