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#60431 - 04/03/03 03:23 AM alternative cardreader
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scroll down to read the features.

I saw an alternative for the USB cardreader.
It's a digitalmusicplayer which can play the songs from your sdcards. It is included with an usb cardreader/writer and mediamanager version 3.0.and a 64mg sdcard.
the price is usd 134. So that is round the same price for the cardreader/writer technics is offering with the jukebox program.


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#60432 - 04/03/03 05:20 AM Re: alternative cardreader
Lanny Offline

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I have the MP3 player you referenced and it works like a charm. Although I do not yet have a KN7K, I have downloaded styles from the Technics website and transferred them to the SD card and then used them in my dealer's KN7K. I have also verified that the MP3 audio files play back through the keyboard.

I have been wondering if there are any functions that cannot be performed with this unit as opposed to the reader/writer kit with Jukebox sold separately by Technics. So far, I have found no limitations at all and think this MP3 player with its included USB reader is a good deal.


#60433 - 04/03/03 12:06 PM Re: alternative cardreader
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Hi Willem,
you wouldn't have the actual Juke Box software though, unless one can buy it seperately ?

best wishes
best wishes
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#60434 - 04/03/03 01:08 PM Re: alternative cardreader
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you get a different version of the jukebox software with these players to be able to transfer audio to the sd card, since they are also supplied with a card reader to transfer audio, and I see no reason why the audio should then not work in the 7k because the mp3 player in the 7k must be based on a similar technology that is used in these players.


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