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#59404 - 10/24/07 04:16 AM Multi-Track Sequencing
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The subject of 'LEARNING THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL MULTI-TRACK SEQUENCING' has once again cropped up via the responses to Scott's Glen Miller sequence. - These have brought up the question of being able to 'SEE AND PLAYBACK' such sequences, so that members can analyse precisely what's been done, and why.

Unfortunately, the subject of multi-track sequencing (I mean true creative sequencing, whereby the creator is actually 'playing' each part, and not importing material from other sources), is a very complex subject. And far too complicated to put here.

For example:- Scott says that he used 9 tracks in his sequence. - Are people aware that 8 seperate recordings can be sequenced onto 1 track only. ? - Are people aware, that if you were to make your arrangement of a song, a mix of 'rhythm' passages and 'non-rhythm' passages, this can readily be achieved via the correct storing of parameters in the panel memories. ? - I quote these facts, merely to illustrate the complexity of the subject, and what these wonderful sequencers can do for us. And therefore, how difficult it becomes to explain it all to others.

I appreciate that 'Technics' files can be sent via E-mail attachment on a person-to person basis, and therefore can be read, played, and analysed. But, as far as I know, we don't have at our disposal, the facility to do this on the SZ airwaves. In which case, the entire subject of 'sequencing analysis' can only be achieved via E-mail attachment.

This is the only method I know of sending such files so that they can be viewed and played on our keyboards. So, in terms of 'learning how each one of us does his/her sequencing' and the intricacies involved, 'HOW TO DO THIS' ? is the vital question. - Happy playing - Colin.

PS to Nigel:- Did you receive my recent E-mail. ?

#59405 - 10/24/07 05:37 AM Re: Multi-Track Sequencing
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Dare I suggest that another keyboards web site does provide the facility to do this...
Roger M

#59406 - 10/24/07 05:23 PM Re: Multi-Track Sequencing
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HI Rog,

Hope you're making notes on this - we'll expect detailed answers at our Cambridge 'teach-in' next week.

ONLY 12 DAYS TO GO FOLKS! Start packing.....

I'll be in touch Roger - Audrey


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