Tony Smith, the Managing Director of Technote has asked me to post this message from him to the readers of SZ in response to :-

I am so pleased with many of the comments I have read about Technote, it makes me feel very satisfied that over the years our efforts have been appreciated by so many people.

I, like many of you was very sad when Technics decided to close, I was working for Technics as a sales/demonstrator at the very start of the brand being launched into the market place and It was always in my opinion a product that created so much more passion than any other instrument.

Having supported the brand for many years it was a very hard to make the decision to close Techplus, but unfortunately commercial decisions have to be made. As a company we have diversified into many areas, Media production, musical instrument wholesale, and in the USA only, we are proud to launch our own brand of organs, Pianos & Church products. We did this at NAMM in January with some incredible response. Our new instrument web site will be introduced shortly and should any one in the USA be interested, please feel free to contact Simon at our Tampa office, or keep checking on

Once again my personal thanks to all of you that have supported us over the years, but guess what...we are still going strong and I am sure you will still be hearing a lot from Technote.

Many thanks
Managing Director.