Hi Everybody!

The 14th issue of my free music technology newsletter is now available. In this issue I talk about how to optimize your PC for audio. And for this issue's contest, I'm giving away free copies of MusicMatch Jukebox Deluxe from Macmillan Software! Here's more about what you'll find in this month's issue:

1. Scott's Notes - Windows Vista
2. DFreqCONTEST - MusicMatch Jukebox Deluxe
3. DFreqDEALS - LiveSynth Pro SoundFont Player
4. DFreqNEWS - Band-in-a-Box 11.0b, Logic 5, SampleRat and more...
5. DFreqDISCUSS - Deleting Part of a Cakewalk Track
6. DFreqFEATURE - Optimizing your Audio PC
7. DFreqSHAREWARE - Audio Companion and DJ Jukebox
8. DFreqFREEWARE - Audacity and Spectrogram
9. DFreqBUYWARE - eMedia Guitar Songs 1
10. DFreqTIP - Changing MIDI Controllers
11. DFreqFUN - DJ Fu: Wax Attack 2
12. DFreqNEXT - Using VST Plug-ins

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Scott R. Garrigus - Author of the Cakewalk Power!, Sound Forge Power!, and SONAR Power! books, and Publisher of the DigiFreq music technology newsletter.