I am putting out another "feeler". I really want to try a KN7000 and maybe the 2600. Does anybody know of a store, a hobbyist or a traveling musician where I could hear a KN7000 in the Pensacola, Florida area?

I just recycled some of my music gear that was collecting dust and was going to get a 7000 to try and if I preferred the Tyros which I had already played and loved, I was going to sell it after the test. As it is I got my stash together and a good deal on a 3 month old Tyros with hard drive became available. Too good to pass up.

So ,any ideas or leads? Gee, maybe I should work out a temporary swap with a KN7000 owner that would like to try out the Tyros, but has no access to one. And then see if it becomes a permanent swap.

Anyway, I really would like to get my hands on one. I always liked my KN1000 and was familiar with their organs which was always the same guts, they just cost a lot more.


Scott Langholff