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#57399 - 12/28/99 04:01 PM Using the built in vocal harmonizer
Richard Peck Offline

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I'm wondering what kind of luck users have had with the Technics built in vocal harmonizer. What drives the harmony? Does it do both chordal and scalic harmony?

I have been using a DigiTech VHM5 for several years and find it works great with my 2000. It does wonders to enhance performances. I've had people ask where the back up singers are and they are blown away when I tell them.

Your input will be appreciated.

HAND (Have A Nice Day)

#57400 - 12/28/99 06:38 PM Re: Using the built in vocal harmonizer
Scottyee Offline
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Hi Richard,

I recently auditioned the KN6000 in a local music store and found that its' built-in vocal harmonizer has a 'very limited' fixed (non-editable) set (3 to 4) of presets and was of mediocre sound quality.

I use a DigiTech brand 'Vocalist Workstation EX' with my KN5000 keyboard and find it vastly superior in all areas, including: sound quality, range of presets and settings, and harmonizer & EFX tweakability.

Since you already own the Digitech VHM5 I think you will be very disappointed with the sound quality and limited features of the built-in vocal harmonizer included in the KN6000.

I had originally contemplated upgrading from the KN5000 to the KN6000 thinking that it would be great to have the vocalizer built-in, but after auditioning it, I realized that the limited sound quality & features of the built-in vocalizer is 'no match' to the Digitech units. In addition, because of the numerous reports of 'chord recognition' bugs in the KN6000, I have decided to 'hold off' even considering upgrading. I am even more concerned over reports read that Technics doesn't even acknowledge the problem exists in the first place.

I certainly am continuing to enjoy my KN5000 (composing, arranging and performing) very much. Perhaps I'll wait till the next generation of KN board is released. We'll see.

Happy Arranger Keyboarding,

- Scott


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