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#53026 - 02/23/03 08:17 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
technicsplayer Offline
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originally there was a minor bug in the print output format, but that was fixed several versions ago, before we went public with the program.

The text and print work fine for me now - I print into adobe creator making a pdf document directly and the result is perfect, and would be identical if printed to paper.

#53027 - 02/23/03 11:45 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool

No problem with the printer.

Would love to support Thamas's good work, just like I support Alec's.

Fran in Florida

#53028 - 02/24/03 05:05 PM Re: 7SDCard Tool
lahawk Offline
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To print or save the text, you have to click the "Write to memory" button
Larry Hawk
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#53029 - 02/25/03 02:04 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
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You only need write to memory if you've made changes, Larry. To print a card just load it up and print or text output. If a better strategy works the write to memory button may disappear from future versions.

#53030 - 02/25/03 03:31 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
thkmcs Offline

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the Print-Functions print only
if Folders has a name, because i
don't whant Print Empty Folders/Files.

I hope that i can remove the "Write to Memory"-Button next time.

Any Changes will do if you click this
Button else the changes are loose !.

If i havethe Copy-Function 100% run, than
i will do the next step like move/kill-Functions.

Ihope you give me Time for do that, because
its not so easy


And Please: Make Backups of your Data, you
use the Program to youre own risk !...
The Program is in this Version in Beta.

Thank you.

#53031 - 02/25/03 03:33 PM Re: 7SDCard Tool
Walt Meyer Offline

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Thomas ---

#53032 - 02/26/03 07:22 PM Re: 7SDCard Tool
Bob Hendershot Offline

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I think Rikki has an excellent idea for thanking Thomas for his fine software products. My check is on the way. For those of you who need an address, his address is below:

Thomas Knig
Missundestr. 9
44145 Dortmund
Deutschland - Germany

I hope most of you will participate.

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