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[B]Hi Alec,
in simple terms that maybe i can make sense of would the following comparison work ie
I originally record a song as a wav file using up 100mb's ( excellent quality) but to make it fit on my sd card I have to scrunch it down to an mp3 of 2 to 3 mbs ( not as good a quality )so that I can fit more than one song on my sd card?
So the same thing with keyboards, the sample memory required would be far too large and expensive for any modern day keyboards so they scrunch it down to something that works, and is affordable.
"Quote from Alec---Top end keyboards store their samples in Rom of around 64-96MB nowadays, the 7k with all soundcards has 128MB for instance. This digital data is compressed with proprietary algorithms so the wave equivalent is several times greater than this."

"Quote from Alec...As computers get faster it becomes possible to store the samples on hard drive and retrieve them fast enough to play live with full polyphony."

( Rikki) are you referring to something along the line of soft synths like the one roland one that's included with BIAB, or there also appear to be actual software synthesizers around ( haven't delved into this area as yet, so I haven't managed to work out the difference between a soft synth and this type) or better still, the other day, when I was looking up this new Virtual Singer program called Vocaloid, I did come across a huge array of sample libraries full of strings and other orchestral instruments, haven't quite worked out how they used them, but the demo's were unbeleivable. I think the samples were actually individual notes which were then made into a sequence.
The imagination ran wild wondering if one day, they would actually put sampled instruments into loops (something along the lines of the styles in our arrangers) and that they would be playable in realtime.
Actually I'd be happy if it could be done in a sequencer in non realtime. I'm only wanting to create backing sequences.
To date, most of the audio loops I've come across are for dance type music, there again I haven't looked that hard.

" Quote from Alec... At some stage the hardware keyboard as we know it will be redundant, since so many nuances of acoustic instrument playing can each be separately sampled and mapped by pressure and other controllers to the keyboard at a resolution that is breathtaking."

( Rikki) Maybe I need to do another " Rip Van Winkle" and drop out for another 5 years (haahaa)
Dropped out when audio was first appearing in sequencers like Cubase. Couldn't afford to get involved with the computers and software required back then (97/98/99?) the cost was prohibitive, I'd been fiddling round with synths, samplers and keyboards for 10 years, and fortunately it wasn't costing me much because of my tie up to the local music store, I bought for just over cost price, and then I'd sell within 6 months or so ( except for my kn's) before the item dropped in value. It was heaven for a technology junkie like me.
5 years down the track I've got a computer with a memory & speed I couldn't have imagined and software costing $28 USD capable of doing Audio ( Powertracks )
wheras back then ( I still had a 1mb Atari and a Windows 3.1 laptop)

Thanks for cheering me up Alec.

best wishes
best wishes

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