Hi folks
Today I got a pretty nice book to read. During the first quick journey around the pages I can see that this is really a helpful tool for the KN users.
Everything is explained in a very understandable way. When the book are placed at the notation stand it's easy to read, and the pages and book layout is made the way that all such keyboard instruction books should have been:
When you open and turn a page, it stay open at that position until you turn over to the next!
The way I see it, the book is also very usable for other KN users than those who use the KN6\6500. This because composer, patternmaking, sequenser, soundedit, panelmemories etc. use pretty much the same steps as the detailed description you can see in this book, and besides of that, you'll learn a lot about the KN6\6500 if you deside to buy yourself a copy before you get a KN6500.

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Cheers & Happy Playing. smile
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