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#509743 - 04/12/24 09:45 AM KEYBOARD WORLD On-Line Interactive Magazine
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I would like to announce the debut of KEYBOARD WORLD Magazine for all keyboard enthusiasts.

This is a bimonthly digital publication that takes full advantage of all the interactive features only possible via a digital medium.

This concept is the brainchild of industry veteran Paul Carman who is the editor.

Here is a preview of the first FREE issue of Keyboard World Magazine:

Here is Paul explaining how to use all the interactive features:

Each issue comes packed with interviews from product specialists, lessons, tips & tricks, sheet music, mp3 files no matter what arranger you have from Yamaha, Korg, Ketron or Casio.

Subscription to the Keyboard World Magazine gives you access to all the monthly webinars.

This was Steve Hubble last night explaining how to use a Virtual Split point that allows you to layer 2 left hand voices on a Korg Pa5X Arranger.

This was Paul Carman’s webinar this morning demonstrating the custom styles and registrations he has created for the Yamaha GENOS 2.

Paul is a passionate arranger player and always willing to share his expertise. He can be reached at

Paul has a collection of software products for all arranger keyboards.

He has a software product that goes with the iOS App named SongBook+ and the Yamaha GENOS.

Selecting any Song Title in SongBook+ instantly brings up the corresponding Registration Bank on your GENOS. Best of all, this link is bi-directional. Selecting a Registration Bank on your GENOS opens the corresponding Sheet Music PDF in the SongBook+ App.

Here is a demonstration by Paul showing how this integration between SongBook+ and GENOS works.

You can learn more about SongBook+ here:

It is far more advanced than the forScore app I had been using.

This is their website:

These are the manuals showing how to integrate your arranger keyboard with SongBook+

I wasn’t aware of this awesome app till I found out about Paul Carman and his new magazine.

I wish Paul complete success in creating a new avenue to foster our growing arranger keyboard community and sharing his tips and tricks and in-depth knowledge that he has acquired over many years.



#509746 - 04/12/24 06:29 PM Re: KEYBOARD WORLD On-Line Interactive Magazine [Re: Tapas]
rattley Offline

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Hello my Dear Friend!!

Good gosh it's been ages since I have chatted with you! I remember several of us from the pre-Tyros days. What fun we had!

Good luck and best wishes on your new website. I look forward to using it and participating. I'm retired now and have a lot more time for music. My Genos2 has become my soulmate. I have never been so into a new keyboard. I'm delving deeper into its inner workings doing and reading so much new material. I want to be more than just a "hobbyist". Your new site should help keep me focused. Best wishes. -charley

#509747 - 04/12/24 09:47 PM Re: KEYBOARD WORLD On-Line Interactive Magazine [Re: rattley]
Tapas Offline

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Loc: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Hi Charley,

Yes, we go back a long way! I still cherish the MIDI files you shared with me when I purchased the TYROS 2. We had a lot of fun indeed.

The Keyboard World Magazine Website is not my creation. I am just a happy subscriber and wanted to share my thoughts with our Synthzone Community.

This website is designed and run by Paul Carman from UK. He brings over 40 years of experience. He is very generous and helpful and you couldn’t miss the excitement he brings to all his products and demos.

I am delighted to hear that you got the new YAMAHA GENOS 2. I know you purchased that without auditioning it first. You were one of the first ones to get this marvelous arranger.

You made the right choice.

The acoustic sounds on the GENOS 2 augmented with their Super Articulation technology puts this instrument in a class of its own. The 200 new styles, many of which are Song Styles are a joy to play.

Yamaha carefully crafted each of the 4 One Touch Settings for every style that make this instrument the ultimate fun machine right out of the box.

By the way, I just retired too. Just like you, I now have all the free time to play music and explore/learn the new technology.

Looking forward to having you participate in the upcoming Webinars from Paul Carman.




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