Dear Ketron users. What are the experiences with the Ketron LOUNGE?
I now have the SD40. Very satisfied with it, but sometimes it has problems. . My Ketron dealer referred me to the Ketron Lounge. I understand that the Lounge uses the SD90 sounds. The model and size are similar to the SD40, which is also important to me.
I mainly use the SD40 as a midi file player (I play two parts live) and sing. Occasionally I use the accompaniment section of the SD40. (e.g. if I suddenly have to play a pollonaise or birthday song). Is it true that the Lounge has NO option whatsoever to play a (possibly) simple accompaniment? Is the advice to buy a LOUNGE a good one?
What is the experience of Lounge users?
I would love to hear from you.

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