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#508106 - 04/05/23 01:16 AM Arranger keyboards
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Hi folks!
Just bought the new Ketron Event, time will show if it will take over from the Korg PA4X. Since there is always a discussion about the different keyboards, what to buy and which ones are best for your use. I came across this article on the PST Tutorial Forum.,65861.0.html
Wishing you all a happy Easter holiday

#508108 - 04/05/23 05:55 AM Re: Arranger keyboards [Re: skude]
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Congrats to your new Event! Some things are a matter of taste and preferenses. And some things are objectively better (or worse). For example that Korg PA4X (which I own) have far more church organ sounds and variations than Ketron Event (which I also own). You can´t really emulate a church organ with Event with only a few variations. But Korg really shines here. I also find Korg better on modern dance-music not least thank´s to the KAOSS. But overall I find that sounds and styles from Event generally suits me and my music preferenses better. But I can fully understand if someone else preferes Korg - or Yamaha. Or Roland. I was the happy owner of a G70 for many years. And even if I never would change back from neither Korg nor Ketron, there were some areas where Roland excelled and I sometimes still can miss.

#508114 - 04/05/23 11:16 AM Re: Arranger keyboards [Re: skude]
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They’ve all git unique strengths and weaknesses, but there’s one area that all could improve on… control of external gear. Nowadays, whatever types of sounds each one of us need that aren’t fully provided by the standalone arranger can always come from a tablet or small PC/Mac. Need great church organ sounds? Want better lead guitars? Saxes? Strings? Analog synths?

There’s an app for that!

But few arrangers make selecting and controlling external gear easy. All those sliders, buttons etc., few of them can be used to control an external module or sound source. User definable buttons and faders is one of the easiest things to implement, yet seems to be deliberately avoided by arranger design teams. I suppose each of them is utterly convinced that what THEY made is perfect all by itself..! Sadly, none of them are.

Tablets are the perfect way to fill in those little gaps in each arranger’s soundset, but the manufacturers sure aren’t making it easy!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!


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