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#508077 - 03/29/23 01:28 PM Re: A gripe and a question... [Re: Bill in Dayton]
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I’d say, as a marketer in a rapidly shrinking segment, I’d want ALL demographics covered. You know why organs died? Because they didn’t embrace synths. At least, very few of them. They also thought that the rapidly dwindling demographic of elderly ‘geezers’ happy to trot out ‘Tie a yellow ribbon’ would still be enough to fund continuing R&D to stay in business. It did not. The home organ went from a thriving industry to essentially dead in ten years, simply because the industry’s hubris stopped them changing.

I wonder what happened to the buggy whip industry?

The kids’ market for parent bought toys are thriving. None of us here (other than the few that will buy just about anything sight unseen) will touch them with a barge pole. But arrangers for ‘musicians’ are dwindling, coming out much slower, and seemingly at times released in a completely unfinished state. That’s not the sign of growth, that’s the sign of contraction.

And condescendingly thinking that parents or grandparents are going to turn anything around just goes to show how out of touch an ‘old geezer’ can get.
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#508079 - 03/30/23 10:43 AM Re: A gripe and a question... [Re: Bill in Dayton]
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I believe that if you look at the number of musicians, using arrangers, or not, you will find that number has dwindled considerably since 1999, statistically by 41 percent. Nearly all the musicians I know have either retired, or took up another occupation since Covid destroyed what little was remaining. As for the buggy whips, they are still in use today, mainly for trotters. But, I would not expect most folks on an arranger keyboard forum to have much knowledge of that industry. wink

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#508095 - 04/03/23 12:21 PM Re: A gripe and a question... [Re: Bill in Dayton]
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