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And once again, Rikki, home use isn’t really the gold standard for deciding whether missing features, buggy features and incomplete data migration are important or not. No, they may not be important to YOU, but you don’t face the pressure of performing in public, and relying on the migration of data you’ve accumulated over years for your show to function smoothly. Working pros may not even have the days if not weeks you took to find your workarounds, and may rely on heavy sampler use (I have a feeling that’s an area you possibly haven’t gone bear yet, but the Middle East and Slavic countries are completely dependent on easy sample set migration).

If you didn’t rely on using the SMF to style converter to prepare new styles all the time, or any of the other incomplete or buggy sections, it’s pretty easy to say ‘I’m okay, nothing to worry here’. But other power users of the PA4x may be as legitimately in a bad position. Thing is, most of them are not posting here…

Hi Diki, I did say I worked it out for myself (ie for my own personal use ) as to whether or not the PA5x would suit me.
Put it his way, I would never have suggested to a client to buy a keyboard or workstation if it didn’t have the functions they required, be it a home user or a pro musician.

I tend to think someone who’s never owned a Korg arranger before would even know some of the prior functions no longer exist on the PA5x.

Brochure on website says it is fully redesigned. (That to me would raise a red flag.)

Probably all the complaints have forced them into adding additional functions in the future, or maybe they were going to add them anyway. Only they know.

I haven’t bothered checking sampler out yet. I believe it’s the old samples from earlier keyboards that are the problem. I’ve got drum samples /loops going back to my pa800 days, for my sd1 conversions. If they work , then great, if not,I’ll redo them. But for me, it’s only a very small quantity.
I can’t imagine there’s too much wrong with the sample section of the keyboard, one of the Korg experts on the forum ( not from Korg) has created professional sound libraries for the PA5x. Piano, orchestral, choir, etc , so I don’t know.

Smf to style convertor wasn’t a function I got overly excited about. Not enough user control over it. I’m not really a big fan of song based styles, don’t really see much point in a half baked style, I would sooner play along to a midifile.

The midi file to style option is a function I would have definitely missed. That function I use for editing my styles in a Daw.
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