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#507825 - 03/05/23 08:10 PM Ketron Event vs. Medeli AKX10
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Sounds like a crazy comparison. Watch the whole video before you decide. I was shocked!

#507830 - 03/06/23 01:47 AM Re: Ketron Event vs. Medeli AKX10 [Re: jingleman]
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Sounds like he is a Yamaha fanboy to me.

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#507831 - 03/06/23 11:31 AM Re: Ketron Event vs. Medeli AKX10 [Re: jingleman]
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It’s hard to argue against Yamaha having a ‘style mode’ superiority after all these years of refinement without the disruption that other brands go through on model changes. Whether appreciating that is being a ‘fanboy’ (not really a term we approve of here…) or not, I can’t say. But there seems to be no denying that, while the Event is VERY future forward in some respects, there are practical OS features that other brands (especially Yamaha) have turned into basic necessities that are somewhat lacking.

Hopefully, most of them can be addresses with software, but coming from a button heavy environment, it’s easy to see how the Event’s scarcity of them can be a bit off-putting. I think much of this could be addressed by touchscreen improvements, but Yamaha users haven’t had long to get used to that yet unless they have a Genos or SX series already. And a LOT of the success of that is going to depend on how responsive the screen is, and carefully thought out layout for play functions is designed.

The unresponsiveness of the physical buttons is worrisome on the Event, but that may just boil down to an adjustment in touch from Yamaha’s buttons, or an early production run glitch. Time will tell.

But, let’s face it, how many of you are likely to get a hands on an Event any time soon, and how many of you when you do will puzzle why basic functions you are used to are missing or very differently implemented? Personally, even with the bias, I’m happy we are getting some non-dealer impressions… 🎹
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#507853 - 03/07/23 07:57 PM Re: Ketron Event vs. Medeli AKX10 [Re: jingleman]
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Originally Posted By jingleman
Sounds like a crazy comparison. Watch the whole video before you decide. I was shocked!

.. and here is why the video is really not all that accurate:-

#507960 - 03/14/23 05:53 PM Re: Ketron Event vs. Medeli AKX10 [Re: abacus]
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Originally Posted By abacus
Sounds like he is a Yamaha fanboy to me.


This company DYNAMIX has the BEST! styles and sounds that will make any keyboard sound like magic, programmer is very experienced and I don't think that he is trying to sway you to buy one and not the other, it was a very well made video and hopefully Ketron will fix some of the problems that their keyboard is facing, although no arranger is perfect.
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#507965 - 03/15/23 06:25 PM Re: Ketron Event vs. Medeli AKX10 [Re: jingleman]
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Hi, this link was posted on psr forum on Dynamix and the Medeli.
Video 3 on Sampler and Grand Suite mentions a style convertor. So I get the impression it converts psr styles across , rather than loads them as is. I would imagine converting would require some tweaking.

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