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#507739 - 02/25/23 02:59 AM STYLE EDITING on the PA5X
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I am playing a PA5X from August and I am surprised to read some wrong or very incomplete messages about the PA5X .

Now I will write something about Style Editing on the PA5X ;

A) See the Mixer in the Screen . The most easy way to revoice all
the tracks you want with all the voices you have in the PA5X.
Touch the voicename in the mixer and you can make your choice .
The same for Drumkits .
You can save the style now as a new style with a new name .

B) If you want more ? Touch Record/Edit
Here you see Style Edit and Record for all the elements of the Style.
You can save everything as a new Style .

C) Touch MENU and see here again MIXER/FX .
You see here Oktave Change for all the tracks .
Here you can Tune , change the EQ and the Effects , the Insert Effect
the Master Effect and the MFX send to all the elements of the style.

D) Now go to the DRUM Editor where you can change each druminstrument in the drumtrack . There are here 11 parameters .
Such as Attack , Volume , EQ and more .
Everything can be saved in a new Style .

E) Go to TRACKTYPE and see what you can do here .

F) See what you can do in all the elements of a style ,
Expression, Range , Guitarnoise , Scaletuning ....

G) Than there is the Chord Table

H) Track Control is the next to go .

I) The Fill Mode is an interesting point .

J) In STYLE EDIT you can copy everything to every track .

The same for Pads .

K) There is EVENT EDIT for each note in the style .

This message is not complete but I can tell you that I made
5 new DRUMKITS which I can use in all the styles where I like
them .

I am a happy player with my PA5X and my Genos .
I will not take part in discussion , I am just a reader but
sometimes I think it is good to say a few words about the PA5X.

If you are lucky to have a PA5X like me try the possibilities
and find out what you can do .
If you do not have the PA5X not yet , wait and you will see how
good it is .

90% of the negative messages about the PA5X is wrong !!!

Now I become just a reader again but a happy reader , happy with my
PA5X and my Genos .

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#507740 - 02/25/23 03:53 AM Re: STYLE EDITING on the PA5X [Re: deb]
Taike Offline
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This is an excellent and very informative post even though I don't own a PA5X.

Tof gedaan, Deb!
最猖獗的人权侵犯 者讨论其他国 家的人权局势而忽略本国严重的人权 问题是何等伪善。

#507749 - 02/25/23 03:50 PM Re: STYLE EDITING on the PA5X [Re: deb]
rikkisbears Offline
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Hi Deb,
Unfortunately there are a number of missing onboard style editing functions that prior Korg arrangers had. Korg are planning on adding them back in , which is great.

Admittedly people should have waited and read the manual before purchasing, if they were dependant on certain Korg functions.
I waited, till manual became available. Korg had the copying of pads to style and vice versa, and the copying of style tracks , and the import /export of midifiles as styles, this one being the most important one for me. It’s the one editing tool that currently allows major editing, but, it can crash the keyboard when importing a style you’ve edited in a Daw, back into pa5x. We’ve been warned on Korg forums about using it. After a couple of crashes myself, I’m extremely careful what I do.

So , do I regret purchasing PA5x, NO, I love it, I’m a hobbyist I can afford to wait for updates, but for a number of pro users who have sold their PA4x’s to buy PA5x , it is currently a nightmare.

I sold my Pa4x a few years back, so I’m just happy to have another Korg. If I still had PA4x ,I’d be waiting till next update to see what functions they add back in, and hopefully fix some of the bugs it still has.

For owners new to Korg, they wouldn’t miss the functions, but for owners like myself who have bought and upgraded over the years we do. I bought an i3 back in the
mid 90’s when it first came out, my next Korg was back in 2007 with pa800: then pa3x, Pa4x, now PA5x. With each of the other keyboards , new functions and features were added, not taken away.
We’ve been told this keyboard is going to be brilliant, I’m inclined to believe it, over the years they’ve never let us down. 😀
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

Korg PA5X 88 note
Band in a Box 2022

#507751 - 02/26/23 02:06 AM Re: STYLE EDITING on the PA5X [Re: rikkisbears]
deb Offline

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One more remark ;

See in my message J) about copying tracks to style and pads .

As I said 90% of the negative messages about the PA5X on forums ,
not only on this forum , are wrong .
They who write these negative intentions have often other intentions.

It is important to know an instrument before writing reviews .

This is the same for hobbyplayers as for professional players .

#507753 - 02/26/23 04:49 AM Re: STYLE EDITING on the PA5X [Re: deb]
Diki Online   content

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I’d say that it is equally important to put criticism of a product AND praise into context, so the reader understands the perspective of the poster.

For instance, deb, you have not said that whether you previously owned a PA4X or other models before you got your PA5X, or whether you use imported styles from previous models, sample sets, etc, and played the arranger in a high pressure live gig setting.

Many that are (imho rightly) angry with Korg about the unfinished nature of the PA5X come from that kind of background, whereas those that may have the PA5X as their first Korg or have skipped several generations and it has been a while (so have missed many of the PA4X’s new features) aren’t really in a position to understand why the incompleteness of some of the functions are so irritating.

In fairness, ANY arranger, if taken by itself in complete isolation and with a thorough read of the manual should satisfy most players, once aware of what it can do, and what it can’t. But that’s NOT where the vast majority of high end arranger players come from. Most come loyally from the previous generation, with an expectation (quite rightly, imho) that the new model is a progression from the previous one, and that their legacy data migrates with the minimal disruption and much used features still work.

This does not appear to be the case. And for a working professional, who may need to sell their previous arranger to be able to afford the new, and who had done so several times before without major incident, the buggy and incomplete nature (compared to its predecessor) of the PA5X is a major problem!

Imagine, if you will, that the Genos2 comes out, billed as the next generation Yamaha in the Genos series, but comes out unable to import all your Genos’ data, and with half your favorite features inexplicably missing. Don’t tell me wouldn’t be angry. And don’t tell me you might not feel a bit scornful of those who hadn’t already had the Genos and try to tell you ‘You should not expect ANYTHING from the previous model to work if it didn’t say it in the manual’!

Context… 🎹
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!


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