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#506282 - 07/31/22 04:25 PM So so sad!!!
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I'm happy to see that my friend Russ (Capt Russ) is a safe distance from the flood zone but I really do grieve for those poor people that, in some cases, lost EVERYTHING. There are families that lost multiple family members and many others that lost all of their material possessions (many of these were elderly). Some of the videos of the people and the devastation were almost too unbearable to watch. Not trying to be a do-gooder here, but if you're looking for a charity or good cause to donate to, this might be a good place. I know that I don't think twice about blowing $500-1000 on trivial crap that, in most cases, I don't even need. I'm not rich (for sure) but I feel like I've got to help. I just can't sit here in air-conditioned comfort sending nothing but 'thoughts and prayers'. Yeah, I'm guessing we (me and the people in the flood zone) probably don't share the same politics, but as in the military, we're all Americans and we need to help each other. End of sermon.

Russ, had to pull up a map to see where Jackson was and if it were close to you (thank goodness it's not). At least you've got a good Governor.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]

#506283 - 08/01/22 08:46 AM Re: So so sad!!! [Re: cgiles]
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Not surprised at this type of altruism, coming from one of my favorite people in the world.

You're right. Andy is a great person and fine governor. I know both him and his dad, former governor Steve. Steve was student body president and president of KA fraternity at UK when I was there.

AS we always say, "the check is in the mail".


P.S. to show how things change, the KA's were the primary example of southern racist college fraternities in the past.



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