As I advance my studies in the integration between the Yamaha Genos and Cubase 12 Professional, I have another inquiry regarding the "Score" cursor in Genos and I will explain below.

I am successfully utilizing the vocal harmony settings in conjunction with Cubase 12 professional. I have it set up so that when I hit play or record in Cubase, the Genos Staff view cursor stays perfectly in synchronization so that I’m able to utilize instrument harmonies or vocal harmonies with precision.

Here is the next chapter, a question

When I press stop in Cubase 12 professional the Genos staff view cursor always goes back to the beginning of the song and will not stop exactly in synchronization with my Cubase 12 professional with the project screen. It would be such a benefit if we can synchronize both of these so that I’m able to punch in and punch harmonies using instruments and the vocals. In other words, if I stop Cubase at let's say the 28th bar of the music the Staff view should be able to stop there too without returning to the beginning

Maybe there’s a setting that I’m missing to not allow the Yamaha Genos to go back to the beginning of the genos midi file I created initially

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