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#505559 - 04/26/22 05:36 AM MY Medeli AKX10
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#505572 - 05/02/22 01:38 PM Re: MY Medeli AKX10 [Re: flingers]
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sounds great

Duane OD
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#505574 - 05/02/22 04:55 PM Re: MY Medeli AKX10 [Re: flingers]
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Like the way you are using your left hand. You play the song, then you play with the songs, real nice, that puts you into the song. (Impro)
You make the lesser keyboard sound good, John C.

#505578 - 05/03/22 10:55 AM Re: MY Medeli AKX10 [Re: flingers]
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Nice. Very punchy style. Nice to hear a demo that doesn’t swamp the backing!

If I can perhaps suggest something to try on the lead sound in at 2:10, can’t quite make out if it’s a synth or lead guitar sound, but if you can’t utilize a chord sequencer to take over the left hand chores so you can use a bender, at least try programming some delayed vibrato on the sound so longer notes get a bit of movement, and try a tempo synced delay on the lead sound, something most guitarists and synth players would use. And, if it’s a synth sound, perhaps put it into monophonic mode and a bit of portamento helps give it a different feel to the octave piano main lead…

It’s a good contrast between the lead and the piano, but it might be even better with some effects..!

Great song, too! Thanks for posting. 🎹😎
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#505580 - 05/04/22 08:42 AM Re: MY Medeli AKX10 [Re: flingers]
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I play this tune as well. I think I’ll steal the James Bond 007 that do on the “ one” chord. Thanks for the inspiration!
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