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#504446 - 12/09/21 12:05 PM Sleeping on the floor...
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I've been sleeping on the floor and in a chair at Norton's children's hospital for 11 days.

Daniel, one of the two brothers and sisters Iam Guardian for was in for "debriding", which is cutting tomors away from his trachea, when it was discovered that the trache tube had been placed incorrectly. Daniel has an IQ of 47. He is 19. He went home one day after surgery to replace the tube, but pulled it out repeatedly all night.

My fanmily thinks I'm nuts. Thing is, I promised George and Janice (Daniel's grandparents...I was Guardian for both of them) that I'd take care of Daniel, his sister and mom (they arer all mentally challenged).

Keeping your word is not a bad thing. Sister has a 61 IQ has ADD and is a Type 1 diabetic.

I'm alol they have. Mom was turned down as guardian. The only other option for both of these youngsters was incarceration in a state across the country. Mom would not be able to handle that.

Th sad thing is, I can't fix the problems. All I can do is keep them alive for awhile.



#504462 - 12/11/21 11:03 AM Re: Sleeping on the floor... [Re: captain Russ]
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This is a huge sacrifice you‘re making. These children are in a really drab situation. It surely brings you fully into connection with the higher source to do so much for them and keep your promise, however please don’t risk your own health as that would serve no-one!

#504471 - 12/13/21 04:03 AM Re: Sleeping on the floor... [Re: captain Russ]
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Hello Russ. Here I am feeling sorry for myself that I had to carry my car's battery home because it "died" of cold. Can't really picture myself handling what you're handling right now, although I feel that it's important to be closer to people. It's not always easy to be "normal" and healthy in this world, being young is also not always an advantage, so it's hard to tell what we can expect from someone who has an extra challenge. I believe that what you're doing is perhaps more about here and now, rather than about expectations.

I notice that even while doing small things it's sometimes crucial that there would be someone around there for you, although sometimes it's easier to do everything solely, still, like batteries, we also need recharging.

Well, easier said than done. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing it. Even if it doesn't get a lot of comments, it influences more people than it seems.


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